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Our focus for the Spring Lunch is a "launch" of sorts for the new Leadership NoVA Initiative. Our goal is to interview and profile community and business leaders who are "doers" on our community and use what we learn as a sort of "curriculum" to help student leaders become more confident, competent, and effective in leadership and project management.

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Frazier O'Leary
Chief Inviter
Fort Hunt Community Business Association &
"In our neighborhood, Business is Good!" tm
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If you want to modify or add a photo to your "Who's Coming" entry, please email me with the link (e.g. LinkedIn page) or the file.

Also, you can email me your wish list item - either start up or modifications. But please do so SOON so that your Secret Santa has something to work with!

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Dave Rudy, Branch Manager, Snap Fitness

Dave's Wish List Item

Ideas for how to attract more clients

We're counting on YOU to use your BRAIN, your BUSINESS, or your NETWORK to help make Dave's Christmas Dream come true! Let me know if you need help! (Remember, someone out there is going to be doing the same for you!)
The day has finally arrived for our FIRST Networking For Good Expo! (Please be gentle!)

I'm looking forward to helping you connect with each other, with some great speakers and topics, and to meet some new community organizations and initiatives that you may be interested in supporting. Let's "Network for Good!".
Our first official activity doesn't begin until our Speed Networking/Hosted introductions at 10:00. Between now and then, visit the "Meet the Networkers" section below and meet some of our attendees in advance. ( indicates a video introduction.)

If you return at 10 or already here, you will be automatically transported into our Speed Networking where you will be able to meet other attendees. (If you're interested/willing to be a room host (SPEED NETWORKING HOST GUIDE ), let me know via email!)

We will have 3 rounds of speed networking from 10-11:30 at which point, we'll take a break. We will return for our panels and workshops at 1:30.

You will be able to tune in to our LIVE Panels (Lessons of Extraordinary Agents) (Panel 1 at 1:30 and Panel 2 at 2:30) or tune in to the other workshops (presented through pre-recorded video) on your own schedule.

And if you're interested in connecting with some of our speakers/faculty after the workshops, you can visit the "faculty lounge" using a few application called Gather Town. (NOTE: The faculty lounge feature is for laptops only - does not work on mobile).
The Faculty Lounge will open at 8:00 am for coffee and donuts.

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Special Focus for May Meeting: Fort Hunt University

Our focus for the Spring Lunch is a "launch" of sorts for the Fort Hunt University "Community University" Project.
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